Academic Freedom in Conflict: The struggle over free speech rights in the university

For more than a century academics have had unique rights to speak, teach, and write freely. Central to the case of academic freedom is that scholars must be able to voice their views free of fear in order for society to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our world and to be effective teachers.

Academic freedom has always faced challenges. Professors have been pressed to alter their work because it offends powerful interests — both inside and outside the university. Some have been fired or denied jobs for their political views, their criticism of colleagues and administrators, and their refusal to buckle under corporate pressures to hush up research findings.

Together the contributors from the 2012 Harry Crowe Foundation Conference examine attempts to restrict academic freedom and explore its legitimate limits.

PublisPublished March 2014
Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

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Protecting the Integrity of Academic Work

The Harry Crowe Foundation would like to thank all those who contributed to our November, 2007, conference on “Protecting the Integrity of Academic Work.” A book based on the presentations made at the conference, Universities at Risk: How Politics, Special Interest and Corporatization Threaten Academic Integrity (ISBN: 10 1-55277-040-0), is now available from Formac Distributing. Copies may be ordered by phone or fax.

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From the dust jacket: “In Universities at Risk, a group of leading scholars in fields such as education, ethics, politics, and medicine probe the forces that are threatening the integrity of post-secondary education, from both within and without. Many write from first-hand experience of resisting challenges to the independence and integrity of scholarship. . . .”

A PDF copy of the Table of Contents and introductory essay may be downloaded free of charge here.

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Free Speech in Fearful Times

Following our 2005 Conference, "Academic Freedom - Post 9/11," the Foundation invited conference participants to revise their remarks for publication. Free Speech in Fearful Times: After 9/11 in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Europe, the collection of essays based on those presentations, is available in paperback from Lorimer and may be ordered online. .

Reviews of Free Speech in Fearful Times have appeared in Quill and Quire as well as in Peace Magazine.

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